Fulton Boiler by Simplex

Simplex Technical Service & Supplies Pte Ltd, established in 1982, has a rich history of distributing and repairing Fulton boilers. With decades of experience, the company has become a trusted name in the industry. Our expertise lies in providing top-notch service and reliable solutions for boiler maintenance and repair. Whether it’s installation, troubleshooting, or routine maintenance, Simplex Technical Service & Supplies Pte Ltd is committed to ensuring optimal performance and safety for their clients’ boiler systems.

FB-A/FB-B VMP Vertical Multi-Port Boiler

Fulton's game-changing innovation: the VMP™ boiler. Engineered with unmatched durability, its vertical tubeless design ensures reliability with a pressure vessel thickness surpassing ASME standards by 30% and heavy-duty schedule 80 flue pipes. Versatile and efficient, the VMP accommodates various fuels and offers features to maximize seasonal efficiency. With fuel to steam efficiencies up to 84%, steam quality over 99%, and linkageless controls allowing turndowns up to 8:1, the VMP sets a new benchmark for industrial boilers, delivering unparalleled performance and value

FB-A/FB-B Fuel-Fired Vertical Steam Boiler

The FB-A series boilers have set industry standards for over 70 years with their vertical tubeless design (FB-A-004 to FB-A-060), eliminating common maintenance issues and ensuring consistent operation. The larger FB-A-080 to FB-A-150 models feature a vertical multi-port design with “wet back” construction and “ribboned” turbulators, enhancing start-up speed and heating efficiency. Both designs boast top-mounted, down-fired burners, with the larger models including air pre-heat technology for superior efficiency.

RB Series Horizontal Fuel-Fired Steam & Hot-water Boiler

Engineered by Fulton Great Britain to surpass global standards. With its innovative wet-back reverse flame design, large furnace volume, and advanced safety features, it outperforms conventional boilers. Compact and container-friendly, it's the epitome of efficiency and reliability.

FBL Electric Steam Boiler

Fulton’s electric steam boilers come fully packaged, boasting zero NOx emissions for an environmentally friendly approach. These boilers feature a rugged design with fully-insulated pressure vessels, minimizing radiation losses. Their meticulously calculated heat-to-steam ratio ensures rapid pressure attainment, achieving nearly 100% efficiency.

Classic Steam Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler

Fulton’s Classic™ steam boiler, an evolution of their original vertical tubeless design, stands as a testament to reliability and simplicity. With over 100,000 installations worldwide, it has become an industry staple. Key features include impressive efficiencies of up to 84% (with oil and/or gas capabilities) and a Low Emissions burner for gas-fired models. Each Classic™ boiler arrives expertly packaged and ready for seamless integration into diverse applications.

We distrubute and repair other Fulton Boilers too